Corporate Philosophy

Contributes to agriculture and society by
offering a variety of resources relating to the agricultural production.
Provides high valued services with upholding high standard of
ethics and pursuing environmental conservation.

With the start of our import/export business in 2005,
we have changed our corporate name from "ZEN-NOH BERTH CORPORATION,"
having a word "berth" that associates cargo port handling and warehousing to "ZEN-NOH GREEN RESOURCES CORPORATION," having words "green" and "resources" that imply the supply of various "resources" to contribute to "agriculture".
At the same time, we revised our philosophy to the current one in light of business expansion and
changes in social conditions for compliance and the environment.
The company emblem is schemed in green giving an image of nature and
agriculture and shows our basic stance of contributing to the development of agriculture.

Visual Identity

  • Sustainability of agriculture and
    contribution to
    environmental conservation

    The green, which is the symbolic color of JA (Japan Agricultural Co-operatives) group, stands for sustainability of agriculture and contribution to environmental conservation.

  • Challenge, Sincerity and
    Improvement to advance
    our services

    The three pentagons represent the company's direction toward "Challenge", "Sincerity" and "Improvement".